OpenVPN config reset on save

  • WAN is running PPPoE on a tagged VLAN. Connectivity is perfect.

    Trying to setup PIA following:

    Making some tweaks to instruction to account for the fact that I HAVE to add a cert int eh Systems menu. Added user/ pass and the compression type in provided areas. Only added <nobind>to the advanced text config area.
    After entering the cert and crl in the specific areas, I fill all the Open VPN info out and hit save. Get a flashing error that a backup config is being loaded. The OpenVPN item as well as the cert item are removed.
    Weirdly when doing an IP geo-location test, I appear to be on PIA's service and located in another country. I can't comment on the encryption aspect of it but the connection speed has decreased to a level consistent with a VPN'ed connection.

    From OpenVPN logs:
    pfSense openvpn[59124]: Options error: –local and --nobind don't make sense when used together

    May try to not use <nobind>and see what happens.

    FYI I had to sue the beta version because I could never get past the mountroot bug/issue in the stable release. I was able to install this with some minor drive tweaking. Definitely a better experience.</nobind></nobind>

  • Don't specify nobind.

    Which field is it that is causing the config change to be reverted? Somehow you're causing it to have invalid XML, which should be impossible, and I don't see a means of doing anywhere. Trial and error maybe the best bet to figure that out.

  • I tired  again with no bind and no extra commands but it is still reverting the config on save.
    I see my LastPass plugin pop up on save  as well..will try disabling that.

    Got it all working. At some point right after I started a pfsense beta update was pushed out so not sure if it was disabling the LastPass or the update that fixed things but the settings were kept along with the certs.
    So fully working now on openVPN over PIA vpn service. Seems stable and quite quick.

    Question: I'm not keen on continuing updates to beta as it's stable now. When the final release is out can I just auto update to that?

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