Congrats on the 1.2 Release! Ive just upgraded and have a problem with…

  • I cant tell if its a problem with the router, or my desktop computers network connection (1Gbps cat5e) but according to my traffic graph (on the desktop) while runnning utorrent - the speed goes up and up (upload and download) until it reaches a peak, and the drops right back down to nothing. It seems to repeat this process every minute or two.

    Any ideas on how to get this fixed? It there someway to check what might be causing it?

    And there was one other issue with the RRD graph for packet quality. It was showing 100% packet loss. I tried googling, but couldnt find much on the subject, except it was a bug with an earlier release and snort (which I use)

    Please Help!



  • Are you on a DSL line?
    If yes: this is normal behaviour.

    ADSL has the problem that if one of the streams get saturated he other stream gets blocked too.
    Now if you take a look at the bittorrent algorithm (choking) you WILL get chocked as soon as you hit your max downstream –> upstream gets slowed --> other peers dont get data from you for a while and chocke you.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Not on DSL, I have a FTTH 100Mbps (Up and Down) connection. I know that the amount of data going through the torrents isnt anywhere near the max for the line, and the graph on my desktop shows it going to around 1.5mbps then dropping to nothing and starting again.

    Any ideas on the 100% packet loss problem?


  • What tkind of Hardware do you have?

  • Router - Dell Poweredge 650 - 2.4ghz, 2gigs ram, and raid 0 (2*40gb)
    Desktop - AMD 6000+ 2gigs ram …..

    Not a hardware problem. (I think)

    Ah, two more additional completely non related questions.

    Should I enable RIP2 (kinda have an idea of what it does, but not if I can use it)

    Should I use snort? Is it going to make a big security difference?

    Thanks again!

  • I think you might want to try using traffic shaper tool.  I ran in to something like this.  I limited the torrent traffic to 60% of my 3 GB dsl line.  This resolved the issue I was having with torrent traffic killing my network.

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