• After updating to 0.4, I can no longer read older logs, but they all still show.(name date, just no messages) I read the format changed, is there a way to change the config to put it back to the old way, or convert the old to the new, and does anyone know what the changes were, so I might make the older logs readable.

    Is there a way to reinstall the old package?

  • Is there a way to reinstall the old package?

  • I know I responded to the email you sent me, but I wanted to put a response here as well.

    No, there is no easy way to go back to imspector 0.3. The log format changed for 0.4. They added two fields to support additional features. You could probably write a shell script to convert the old logs.

    As far as the new logs not being shown in the GUI, I haven't had that problem. I tested it out before I released it and it worked. Does it show the log name in the GUI and it just doesn't display? Or do they not show at all? If not at all are the actual log files being created?

  • I have put together a log converter. I wasn't able to test this extensively as I don't have any old logs. It does know the difference between new and old logs and will only convert the old ones. I highly recommend making a backup before running this. The commands need to be run from the console.

    To make a backup

    cd /var
    tar cfz imspector.tar.gz imspector/

    To convert the logs

    cd /tmp
    chmod +x convert_logs

    If it screws them up and you want to revert

    cd /var
    rm -rf imspector/
    tar zxf imspector.tar.gz

  • It worked great, Thanks !!!!!!

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