Limiting Traffic Per Computer

  • I am fairly new at all of this and I have been reading through some of the topics but I was wondering if there was a way to limit the bandwidth of every computer that access my network.  So that each computer could only use a certain amount of upload/download speed.  Most things I have found says you have to do this individually by computer but we have 100 or more computers coming in and out of the network so a general rule would make everything easier.  If anyone could point me to a topic that answers this question or walk me through how to do it, I would be very much appreciative.  I am just stumped and really new to this system.

    Thank you.

  • I was going to post the same thing…  :)
    Can i divide the speed fairly by host?
    Let's say i have 4 hosts (host a, b, c, d) in my network. I have a net of 1mbit. If no one is using, host A can have all speed - 1mbit - for yourself. But if all hosts are using (let's say, all hosts are dowloading some thing at the same moment), the bandwidth is divided between the hosts - in this scenario, host A will have 250kbit, host B 250kbit, host C 256kbit and host D 256kbit. If host A stop to use the internet in this moment, then hosts b, c and d will have the bandwidth shared for them - 333kbit for each. I'm posting almost exact values to ilustrate. Shapping can do this? How i make? It's recomended (let's say, they can make divide fairly the bandwidth in few seconds or is a slow process?)?

  • No one know?

  • The forum knows… pointing at the search link on the top right

  • Thanks for your help, it's just that i don't find the solution searching in the forum. I'll try to find then the answer searching more.

  •,3201.msg19386.html#msg19386 has a pretty short but still true for version 1.2 answer. This will probably change for the next version. Ermal is working on some huge trafficshaper improvements.

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