Enforcing filter rules in Smartphones and Tablets

  • Hello Forum,
    I am using NSfilter package for blocking some URLs and enforcing YouTube education and the filtering is working fine in desktops and laptops.
    Now if I use the same connection for the smartphones and tablets, the URLs are getting blocked, but YouTube education filter is not working.
    If I change the browser setting in smartphones to Desktop version then education filter is enforced, but if I change it to Mobile version then unfiltered YouTube is getting opened.
    Any Idea what might be the problem?

  • Does anyone has the idea regarding the issue I have raised.

  • Not familiar with the package

    Do a packet capture (diagnostics, packet capture) and see what is going out over the WAN.
    Capture everything ie get rid of the 100 packet limit and go for as much detail as possible, then run the smart phones as well as the desktops and see if you can spot what is going on. Firefox has a handy addon for changing the user agent if you need to experiment.

  • I will say this, based on what you put, the filter might not be recognising the user agents properly. It could be as simple as that.

  • YouTube is tunneling the traffic in mobile mode. I just found a TEMPORARY SOLUTION, in mobile YouTube is redirected to "m.youtube.com". I f you block "m.youtube.com" and change the browser setting website preference in the smartphones/tablets to desktop mode then YouTube is redirected to "www.youtube.com/education" and it works fine. If you type "m.youtube.com" then the page is blocked. But this is just a temporary solution.