Dual WWAN cards

  • I have built like 3 pfSense Mi-Fi devices for friends and want to build a hotrod for myself with Sierra and Atheros cards.
    I am thinking dual cellular radios as WAN would be a good way to insure constant  signal when mobile. Was thinking of 2 carriers like ATT and T-Mobile. Maybe two MC7700 cards or perhaps one MC7700 and one  MC7710??? My MC7700 cards seem to work on both carriers, even though the MC7710 is T-Mobile??WHY??

    I am unfamilar with pfSense load balancing features. Am i out of bounds with such a project and my expectations? Could i have  balancing favor one carrier/interface yet bounce back and forth depending on signal/packet loss? Provision like 70 percent traffic to one carrier and 30% to other unless signal lossage.
    What techniques do i need  to read up on?

  • Looking at the Pfsense MultiWAN 2.0 documents it looks like everything i need is there. I assume a WWAN would be treated the same as a WAN connection for setup? Gateway group for each MC7700 i guess.

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