Laptop and DD-WRT VLANing

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    I have a WRT54g v3 with DD-WRT and a ThinkPad T42 laptop that I would like to use with pfsense.  What VLAN / other settings do I need on the router to use the one ethernet port on the laptop?

    Backstory: I have pfsense running great using an EEEpc netbook and a netgear GS108t following the instructions here:
    I now have a collection of T42's and WRT54G's that I would like to do the same thing with to give to my Father. In a nutshell, traffic comes in the WAN port from a cable modem, is tagged (ex. VLAN 10) then goes to the pfsense box on port 1, then out of the box tagged (ex VLAN 20) to the rest of the switch where it is untagged before it leaves the ports to other network computers.

    Another question - is this worth it? Will running pfsense through a WRT54g be any more reliable then the WRT54g itself? I am assuming it will since the laptop with be doing the number crunching, not the 200 mhz processor in the router, but other thoughts would be great, thanks!

  • Netgate Administrator

    Potentially it could be more reliable and faster than the router. You would have to ensure that you're using only the switch hardware in the wrt54g and it's not doing any routing. That probably means you can't use it's WAN port as that's usually connected directly to the SoC, not the switch. It varies by platform though.

    Edit: Looking at this diagram it appears you can use the WAN port. The wifi interface is on the separate internal NIC.


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