Strange issue with RDD and queues

  • Hello I've noticed very strange issue when I reboted my pf…
    Please take a look into attached screen..
    I wonder is it possible this situation... screenshot shows that after reboot, network traffic has completly changed or queues categorizes traffic in different way.
    If there somebody who can explain that to me  ???


  • How did you custom such bright colours in legends? My faulty RRD queues graphs were unreadable when they worked ::)

  • It is simple.. just edit file, according to theme you are using in catalog /usr/local/www/themes/your_theme/


  • in case that you changed your trafficshaper rules and didn't reset the states the traffic that already was initiated prior to this change will run on the formerly assigned queues. Maybe you changed something, didn't reset states and there was some constant old traffic still? After your reboot everything had to be reestablished and followed the new ruleset?

  • No, it is impossible… I did not changed my shaper rules since 2 months...
    For me it is pretty weird issue... before reboot almost all traffic has hit the default queue... After, it looks better, traffic fulfill queues accordingly.
    I suppouse the traffic has not changed thoroughly, in 2 minutes during reboot.
    I will be keep my eyes on this and let you know if something similar comes out again.



  • Little update…
    I think, I find a reason such behavior I described earlier..

    Please take a look into attached screenshot.
    Somehow (I do not know, I did noticed this before) after that reboot proxy server squid do not start properly..
    I have made some test with enabling and disabling squid and result is on the screenshot.
    Squid wan not running properly until 14:30 then I started the squid and traffic and queues has changed... then I turn off the squid again (did not reset the firewall states !) and traffic has changes again...?
    What do you think, is it some kind of bug or normal behavior?
    Squid is running transparently, it is important, couse I do not stopping it only disable transparent proxy..


  • Having a squid running at the firewall or not will actually change traffic, yes. Atm it is not really possible to shape taffic correctly that is not going through the firewall (coming in on one interface and leaving through another one). That's why the squid traffic hit's the default queue on the interface whereas the traffic can be classified according to your ruleset if squid is not running and is going through the firewall. This is a known limitation of 1.2 and older versions. This will most likely change with the new shaper that will be present in 1.3 (don't take this as a promise but there is some great improvement going on currently regarding shaping in 1.3).

    However squid startupproblems should not be normal. You might want to open another thread for this problem.

  • Hello
    That's the way I thougt in first place.
    Glad to hear that, there are some plans to change that behavior in future..
    Now I wonder what is better for me.. leave the squid running and agree to catching most traffic by default queue with no advantage of shaper or disabling squid transparently and let the shaper to do best it doing.  :P
    I thing I have to make some tests..  ;)

    I do not have any problem with squid at all.. This was the only one I have noticed since long time…

    Thank's a lot for explanation hoba.  ;)

  • If you can run the squid behind pfSense and not on the pfSense itself the traffic would be shaped as well. Not sure if this an option for you.

  • I think I can … that's good point  ;)


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