Rc.newwanipv6 - Constantly Restarting Packages after enabling ipv6

  • Hi,

    I'm using pfSense behind a cable router from my local isp. Unfortunately they only provides routers, and do not allow customers to switch them to bridge/modem mode.
    Currently, I'm trying to enable my ipv6 portion of the connection, which is otherwise a limited dslite connection.

    I've enabled ipv6 in the advanced networking settings (Allow IPv6).
    I've set my WAN interface - which gets it's ip from the modem - to dhcp and dhcp6, and the interface gets an ipv6 address from the cable router.

    The LAN interface is configured to track the WAN interface with the prefix id 0.
    So far it seems to work, the WAN interface gets an ipv6 address and a prefix.

    But a part of pfSense continously refreshes the ip and restarts the packages accordingly:

    Any ideas why this happens? Can this be related to my LAN devices not getting an ipv6 address?

    If it matters: I'm running pfSense 2.2-BETA (i386), built on Mon Nov 24 07:39:20 CST 2014 (nanobsd)

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