Traffic shapping nics

  • I am looking at comming off a pc and moving to a low comsumption box, but the thing is they always use the realtek chips. Is the traffic shapping limited to 3com and intel nics?

  • No, most of the nics driver have support for ALTQ and for others it is not difficult to implement.
    The only problem is testing them.

    realtek surely is supported by traffic shaping and if you happen to have a nic that doesn't support it open a ticket and developers would do, as time permits, what possible to make you/others happy.

  • Thank for the answer. I have been very please with this firewalls progression over the last 4 years. Will donate money as soon as I have some  :)

    I will have to sort me out a jetway main board when I have the money for that.

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