Pfsense to pfsense ipsec VPN (failed to get sainfo) on reconnect

  • *diag below for reference

    I am using two virtual pfsense boxes running on the latest 2.1.5 version of pfsense. I can get an ipsec vpn tunnel up between these two boxes. However if one of the pfsense boxes experiences an internet problem pfsenseA always shows "failed to get sainfo" in the logs files. The only way to clear this is to either reboot pfsenseA or restart the racoon service on pfsenseA.

    From doing some reading it sounds as if "failed to get sainfo" is a problem with phase2, but remember the tunnel works, I don't get this problem unless the internet drops, and the connection is trying to be reestablished. Any clue as to what could be the problem?

    (pfsenseA) <–-------internet----------> (pfsenseB)

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