CARP SYNC has stopped working

  • I don't remember the exact sequence, but this stopped working after either 1) update to latest version and/or 2) when my second firewall CF failed and I deployed on a new card and restored a slightly older config.xml from backup

    I get this error message on the primary firewall:

    11-25-14 12:03:06 [ A communications error occurred while attempting XMLRPC sync with username admin https://x.x.x.x:443.]

    This basically happens every time I change a configuration setting and save it.

    I've read a few posts and tested my system logs on primary and secondary and they haven't shown me anything obvious so far. I've tried to ping the devices. Any ideas on what to troubleshoot next?

  • that means it can't communicate via HTTPS to the IP in question, network issue or missing firewall rule allowing that most likely.

  • So I try to ping from one to the other and I get 100% loss when using the sync port. I check the logs and I see no firewall information for the ip source/dest or on interface syng. Something seems odd with that. The rules on both devices for sync are allow all.

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    If your sync port is using an em(4) NIC, try bouncing it on the primary:

    ifconfig em0 down; ifconfig em0 up

    Then see if it works.

  • I just wanted to confirm that this was the solution. The interface had gone down due to inactivity while I was repairing the second firewall.

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