• When the web browser is not very wide, the menu wraps so the menu options like Diagnostics, Gold & Help wrap underneath the System & Interfaces menu options. Not a big deal perhaps except its impossible to use the menu option above one of the wrapped around menu items.

    On Ubuntu, due to its side bar and different handling of fonts & sizes compared to say windows, it means the menu bar wraps around even on a laptop with 1440 x 900 widescreen monitor.

    Cosmetic I know, and the workaround is to hide the ubuntu side bar, but maybe a cosmetic change could be made so the menu does not wrap and instead forces the browser to display horizontal scroll bars instead?

  • that shouldn't happen at all on 2.2. Though CSS caching by browsers tends to screw things up, if you had a 2.1x or older system on that IP, then brought up a 2.2 system on that IP, it may not pull the new CSS which would result in what you're seeing.

    My test/dev desktop VMs are Xubuntu at generally 1024x768 and I've never seen wrapping aside from the stale browser cache issue.

  • I am guessing the OP means like in the attached screen shot. I used Google Chrome for this (which I had never used to access any pfSense from this laptop). Login to a 2.2 system, then make the browser window very narrow and those menu options wrap. I guess it would only really effect people using the webGUI from a very small device (phone…)

  • Ah, yeah if you shrink the window that much, yeah it'll wrap. That's much smaller than you'd typically use, sounded more like the stale CSS issue. Phones and tablets auto-change to a different theme since the default isn't usable with touchscreens.