Connecting USB hard drive to Netgate FW-7551

  • We are trying to enable website monitoring with Squid and reporting of that with LiquidSquid.  Looks like we need a hard drive to enable that to store all the logs its generates.  Can I plug in a USB hard drive to the Netgate FW-7551 that we are using to accomplish this?  Also, if we set it up that way and the USB drive failed or got unplugged somehow would the PF Sense continue to run or would everything stop because the drive is not there??

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Technically speaking it is possible, though it's not recommended and there aren't any how-tos/tutorials for it. If the drive was removed or failed, the proxy would not work if it expected it to be there.

    You're better off using an SSD inside the unit for that. You can get an SSD pre-loaded with pfSense for use in the 7551 from Netgate: