• I am currently working on a school project that involves running FreeRADIUS on pfsense.  I want to authenticate a windows system that is configured to use 802.1x authentication on a wired network.

    I have used radtest to verify accept packets with my testuser credentials. 
    I have then adjusted the Windows 7 machine to
    a. not validate certificates
    b. not use windows logon info
    c. use 'user authentication' and supplied correct username and password
    d. assigned correct IP address and gateway address pointing to my pfsense box

    On pfsense I have
    a. started the radius server and bound it to the LAN interface
    b. directed RADIUS authentication traffic to the same interface in the system menu
    c. tested username and password using radtest as described above, successfully

    (edit) Windows reports "Authentication Failure"

    Is there anything I might be missing?  Is there another source of info I might find useful in completing this project?  I am doing all of this in vSphere if that makes any difference.


  • to clarify, I am a student in Information Assurance and have never actually worked with RADIUS or pfSense before this semester.
    I eventually want to use a mySQL database for credential verification, but would like to ensure authentication can occur properly before taking that next step.