Zabbix agent

  • hi

    any body can give a clue how to set it up

    thanks in advance

  • Any progress with this problem?

    I am still suffering the problem.

  • 1. Install zabbix Base Server! Ubuntu、FreeBSD。。。。。。。。。。。
    2. Install Stable: ZABBIX v1.4.5 on base server
    3. Install zabbix agent on pfsense
    4. Setting zabbix agent

  • I have the agent installed.. but I can't start it, services says it's stopped

    I tried the SNMP agent, but this doesn't show the correct data.

  • Do u installed zabbix-server?

  • We have a zabbix server yes and about 100 servers/services which we monitor with it.

    Would be nice to get data from the pfsense, I would like to have graphs for the dl/up for each interface and a general up/down status.

    The snmp service doesn't send the correct stats for the interface traffic for some reason. I tried using the SNMP public service in zabbix as an alternative, but as explained before.. not the right traffic data.

    RDD Shows completely different data.

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