Websites access strange problem!

  • Hi,

    Ok this is just weird most likely operator error (Me), but here goes…. Ok I have websites setup on a server (Not at my house). I have the NAT's in place. Now I can access them from my phone anywhere not on wifi no problem, but at home behind my pfsense box I can't.  If my phone connects to my wifi I can't access them. If I turn off Wifi on my phone I can access them. I tired at my fathers house which he is just behind a Linksys wifi router. He can't access them from his computer or phone, but if he turns off Wifi on his phone they work.

    So I'm still scratching my head and I don't have much hair left. lol  Anyone know what dumb mistake I'm doing?


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    Why would you need nats if they are not at your home, what place would you have them that they are behind a nat?  Your place of work?

    My guess would be dns related problem, are you using some dynamic sort of dns to resolve them - are you trying to access them via IP?  What are the url or fqdn your trying to use, or ip even - and I can check it from my network, both wired, wireless and phone.  If you don't want to put on public forum - just PM the info and will test it out.

    Are you running them on some odd port other than tcp 80?

  • They are at a place of business. I have a pfSense box setup and I have another server that host the websites.  So the NAT forward the traffic to the other server.

    Both IP nor Hostname will work. The site is on port 80.

    I'll PM you the website and see if you can access it.

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    So see my PM, it does resolve - is that the correct IP in the PM?

    But it does not answer in anyway, no ping nor is there any answer to syn to port 80..  As to it working on your phones..  Yup it comes up via my phone as well, using both chrome and mecury - I do believe I have the proxy cache off..

    So they must be blocking specific networks, or there is a routing issue to them, etc..  So I routed the traffic through my vps in new jersey and works just fine.  You really need to turn off that sound when you open it - that is annoying as SHIT!!! ;)

    Also works from my vps in Las Vegas, and the Netherlands..  But from comcast here in IL, yeah not working.  And if you check with say also shows it up.

    But from comcast network.. no answer to syn even.  I would check with where its hosted if they are blocking specific netblocks..  Unless your on comcast as well, maybe its a comcast issue?  But a traceroute shows it going way past the ISP connection, etc..

    so from my box in the NL, it works and this is where trace dies

    17  241 ms  240 ms  241 ms
    18  240 ms  238 ms  240 ms
    19    *        *        *    Request timed out.

    From comcast where it does not work, dies here

    15    58 ms    59 ms    58 ms
    16    57 ms    56 ms    64 ms
    17    *        *        *    Request timed out.

    I show 72.31 as brighthouse (they do SUCK!!)  so maybe that is where the issue is ;)

  • The strange thing is… They use to have just a linksys router. I replaced it with pfSense and it's never worked right since. So that's why I posted here thinking I have something setup wrong in pfSense.

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    so you have some rule on your wan that would block specific networks?  Or your port forward..  Post up your wan rules and port forwards.  Is there some route on it that would have it going the wrong place for specific networks?

    Can not ping it even..  Do you have ping allowed on your wan rules?  Doesn't ping from other locations either.