• Hello,
    I have pfsense beta. Using now 27 november snapshot but problem was present before. Dual wan.
    If I download files from external ftp server (tried different servers) sometimes the connection breaks or the connection is refused.
    Tried all options: using only wan1 or only wan2, disabling ftp helper.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

  • I too have a multi-wan setup and outgoing FTP does not always work. I mostly notice it on websites that have download links to FTP sites. I click on the link and nothing happens. I usually resort to launching filezilla, entering FTP link and click retry over and over until it works. Unfortunately I do not know how to debug this issue. Let me know what info I could provide. Here is my setup:
    I am running version 2.2 RC, in ESXi environment with dual wan/single LAN. Older posts mention 'debug.pfftpproxy' mine is set to 0. TFTP Proxy is set to LAN (No sure if this even applied to this issue).