Mobile Devices connecting through APs to pfSense cannot connect to the internet!

  • Hi all,
    I apologize in advance if the solution to my question is posted elsewhere; i could not find it.
    So I have run into a bit of a dilemma. pfSense is the best thing that has happened to my home network (as well as work network), but only one issue. MOBILE DEVICES WILL NOT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET!
    Currently (both at home and the office) i have pfsense set up only as a firewall and DHCP/DNS controller. All of my computers connect flawlessly to the internet but when it comes to my mobile devices running iOS or Android (tablets, phones, etc.) they do not connect. All of the mobile devices recognize the network, but they don't connect.
    At home i have 3 APs (for all three stories - basement, main, upstairs) all of them are forwarded to the pfsense box on the main floor. (I have a File Server in the basement, not in control of anything special, just holds files for me - i don't know if this would cause an issue or not)

    How do i fix this issue if all seems to be working for PCs and non-mobile devices? (i have 30+ PCs at home, a few rokus and apple tvs, a few smart tvs, and a server all connected)

    thank you in advance!

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    Are you AP connected to different interface than your lan?  Or they just connected in your normal network via switch that your other devices connect too.

    There is no difference to pfsense if the box on the lan is wired or wireless.  Can your wireless devices ping the pfsense IP.

    If you connected your AP to an opt interface - you need to set th firewall rules, pfsense out of the box on lan sets any any, but any other interfaces added on the lan side have no firewall rules at all and they have to be set to allow traffic to or through pfsense.

    This term confuses me "are forwarded to the pfsense box on the main floor."  You don't forward anything in a AP.. It bridges the wifi to the wired its connected too..  What are you using for AP, are they old wifi routers - true AP?  What?

  • @pcbuilder1997 hi how do you solve this problem? i have the same problem as you... my laptop could show the captive portal and connect to internet perfectly. But on mobile phone, it could not get the captive portal and no internet

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    This thread is unrelated. Please open your own thread in the captive portal section.