Pfblocker dashboard widget Fatal error: Unsupported operand types

  • Hello,

    In the dashboard we have an error after click "Save Settings" ,  once I add the Pfblocker widget, I see the widget with all data, but after click to the bottom "save Settings" the widget was transform and show and error :
    _Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /usr/local/www/widgets/widgets/pfBlocker.widget.php on line 57_f

    This error only was show if  I have IPsec widget added, seems a imcompatibility.

    I have another PFsense same hardware and pfsense version, without any problem, but obviously different configuration.

    Any one with same problem?.


  • It seems to be using the first word in the text after USER RULE: as a variable name. That is the first word in the description of the rule.
    Do you have some rules that have descriptions that start with a number, or with some special Unicode script in the description (maybe special European characters even)?

  • Moderator

    Hi Oren,

    You can run this command to get a list of all your USER RULES :

    /sbin/pfctl -s labels | grep "USER"

  • Thanks phil.davis, BBcan177

    I check my User Rules, some of then doesn't have description, but after fixed the problem persist.

    The PFblocker widget only crash with IPSEC widget can't be a problem related with the User Rules.


  • I also had this issue and tracked it down to a user rule that had a description beginning with the string "carp" - it appears that $matches['carp'] is used elsewhere before pfblockNG and contains an array of data related to carp interfaces

    Two possible fixes:-

    • find the rule description that begins with the term "carp" and change it
    • adjust the code to use a variable name other than $matches