After reboot no routing

  • built on Sat Nov 29 02:37:09 CST 2014

    I have no routing from LAN to WAN (PPPOE) nor any VPNs via IPv4. I am able to access the pfsense web interface but that is it.

    DHCP also stoped working along with state table size and interface statistics

  • Are you using DNS Resolver (unbound)?
    If so, then note this fix to be applied first:

    Is your problem just with name services? Or is it really a routing problem? (i.e. can you ping things using IP addresses?)

    I have 2 site-to-site OpenVPN working fine, and general internet access and other routing.

    So give more detail if none of this helps.

  • I had no ping no traceroute or anything although I could ping to everything from the pfsense box itself.

  • I have rolled back to 2.1.5 it is back working again now.

  • Only package I have installed is snort. I am using Intel nics with PPPOE for WAN and native vlan for LAN on other nic.

    I am have DHCP enabled on the LAN although this stopped working with 2.2.

    I can send the Config if you would like

  • Just ran pkg_info and it showed unbound installed although I installed it ages ago. I have run a pkg_delete so I will retest on 2.2 again.

  • Right now I have done the clean up and installed 2.2 built on Sun Nov 30 13:02:51 CST 2014  we are in business and working fine.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Sounds like this will be an issue with systems running the unbound package that upgrade.
    Unbound package is not available on 2.2 - so I expect an attempt to (re)install it after the upgrade should fail. But maybe there are old settings somewhere or… that happens.
    I'm sure the devs will see this and think about what needs to doing for a smooth transition.

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