Install doesn't find my internal NIC (Intel i218V)

  • Hi all,

    I tried to install pfSense for the first time today on a pretty heavy box I know, but maybe later on there might be more running on it.

    ASUS H97M-PLUS mainboard
    core i5-4460
    8GB DDR3 Ram

    The board has a intel I218V on board and so I got another NIC card from Intel (Intel® Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter with PCIe X1), Controller 82574L.

    I did the install with the actual image pfSense-memstick-2.1.5-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz but I cannot do anything with it as it isn't recognizing the internal NIC, I only get em0 as NIC for the PCIe NIC Card from Intel. The I218V doesn't show up.

    Is this a known issue? Is it then not possible to install pfsense on this box?

    Of course the NIC is activated in the bios, a try with Sophos finds both but Sophos freezes during the install while detecting additional hardware, so I have a decent box now with no firewall / UTM at all :(

    Would be pleased if someone can help.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    From what I can tell there is no i217 support in FreeBSD 8.3 which 2.1 is based on.  You probably either have to go to 2.2 beta (FreeBSD 10) or use add-on cards until 2.2 is in a state you feel is stable enough to use.  Try booting the new hardware from a 2.2 Live CD and see what it does.

    You might also have some success virtualizing using XenServer or ESXi.

  • Ok, I'll give it a try with the beta and see if this will be fixed in the future then. For the meantime I might have to buy another card then.


  • The beta recognizes two cards now, although it names the two NICs the same (forgot now but something like Intel 1000 network adapter), but em0 and em1 are shown with their correct mac addresses so this will work hopefully in the future. Is there any release date for 2.2 yet?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Yes.  i217/218 was added to the em driver.  /var/log/dmesg.boot will contain all the boot device sensing logs.

    2.2's in beta.  It will, at some point (presumably when there are no more known bugs marked as blocking (or tagged as a known issue)) go to RC1.  Then maybe RC2. Maybe to RC3+.  Then it will go to RELEASE when it is ready.  Church bells will ring across the land.

    I usually hold off here at home until RC1.  In production I wait until RELEASE and then only if I need a feature/fix.

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