Pfsense client simultaneaously connectin setting

  • dear all,

    i want to know for fair use how much a client should  have simultaneously connection. i limit the client with 512Kbps but when i make the client speed test with three tab of opera or chrome each tab show 0.49 Mbps. please suggest some setting so that client remain within given speed

  • Different companies offer different amounts.

    Some ISP give you their unthrottled bandwith throughout the use of an allowance, but anything over the allowance amount and the bandwidth can be throttled back to a lessor amount of their choosing.

    Others might just disconnect you once your allowance is reached like PAYG mobile phone data plans do.

    Holiday parks and hotels work much like PAYG mobile data plans, so its a case of either doing as others in your area of business do, or do something different if you fancy it.