Watchguard x750e caddy IDE connector.

  • Hello everyone

    This is my first post so apologies if it's in the wrong area.
    Firstly I'd like to thank all the contributors for the excellent write ups on the forums, now on to my problem.

    I've recently acquired a Watchguard x750e and I wanted to eventually boot from a HD, however, I've discovered that it doesn't have the IDE connector installed on the CN_IDE1 channel - the pads are there but the connector itself isn't, I'm not too keen on attempting to solder a new one unless there's no alternatives.

    I was going to attempt to use the other IDE channel where the caddy would insert but I don't recall having seen the particular connector before, does anyone know where I might get an adapter.
    I've had a look on 'bay, maplins etc but none seem to fit the bill.


  • Netgate Administrator

    They are certainly becoming rarer and I'd be amazed if you could get one in Maplin!  ;)

    Pretty sure this will fit if you just want the connector:

    Here's the adapter and the HD frame to fit the rails. It doesn't have the tray but you don't need that. Just add a laptop HD. Bigger drives seem to have better compatibility for some reason, >80GB :)

    Frame and tray but no adapter:


  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the pointer, and I took an Advent laptop to the dump about a year and a half ago too!
    I was thinking at the time I should scavenge it.

    Aye, I didn't think Maplins or any of the 'highstreet' was going to get the job done, but at that point they were my 'last best hope' ;)


  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah I was thinking that as I looked through eBay. You could get a whole laptop for not much more.  Use it as a console for tge firebox. ;) Let us know how you get on.