Rrd-graphs on 2.1.5-amd64 don't show quality for LAN IPv4

  • On a fresh install of 2.1.5 the red-graphs don't give me an option to show quality LAN-DHCP4.
    I only have LAN-DHCP6, WAN-DHCP6, WAN-PPPOE, Outbound, Allgraphs and strange thing, a now obsolete (created a special gateway before on LAN but deleted this again because don't need this anymore) old gateway.

    I don't use DHCP6 on LAN and not on WAN! So i have DHCP6 disabled completely!

    Is this a bug?

  • There is a snapshot of what i got in my rdr graph for quality.

    do you have the same thing?

    i'm using version 2.1.5


  • The quality graph is measuring latency, packet loss etc. to an external gateway or monitor IP. So it is only relevant and possible on interfaces with a gateway (WAN-style interfaces).
    If you had a gateway to some other router on your LAN that has other intranet subnets behind it with static routes, then I guess that would also keep quality data.