Set outbound interface for specific server

  • Hi,

    I have a pfsense setup with 5 (virtual) wan nics and 1 lan nic. I have to use different wan nics because I have to use specific MACs to be able to 'obtain' the IP. The IP's are in the same subnet.

    I have added different servers on the LAN side, and I am able to route the specific LAN IP's to the correct server without problems. The only issue I have, is that when 1 of those server does an outbound request, it always takes the primary wan interface. How can I define the exact outbound interface for each server? For instance server1 should take wan1, server2 should take wan2 etc.

    I tried several approaches:
    VIP's: not possible since the IP is already assigned to the interface
    Outbound NAT: I can't specify the server that should use the outbound interface
    Add extra gateways: not possible because the gateways from my provider are in the same subnet (and so use the same 'external' gateway)

    I am a bit confused, and I think I'm using a wrong approach. Can someone tell me what I should do to accomplish this?


  • Maybe this? Policy-based routing.

  • @KOM:

    Maybe this? Policy-based routing.

    I could be wrong, but I believe for Policy Based Routing you need to add multiple upstream gateways. But I can't do that since all the gateways from my provider are the same for the different IP's, and pfsense does not allow that.

  • In Outbound NAT you can add manual rules - I would think you can add rules with
    source IP = internal IP of the server
    destination IP = any
    translation address = the public IP you want

    At least that will translate the internal IPs to the desired external ones.
    But I suspect the traffic will still all go out the default interface. Your ISP may or may not accept that???