Can some one help me with Dynamic Dns?

  • I dont know where to start on this but what I am trying to do is point my sub-domain to my public ip. I do own so modifying things will be no problem. If anyone knows if it is even possible to redirect a sub-domain please help. Thank you.

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    Yes, it's possible.

    Advisable? Probably not. Mostly for reliability reasons.

    There are lots of ways to design DNS.  What are you looking to accomplish?

    Start with some definitions.  What do you mean by "sub-domain" when you say "what I am trying to do is point my sub-domain to my public ip" ???

  • I want to point only to my ip not because is a web server that is hosted on a different ip mc.m1gaming is the servers a am running at home.

  • Edit your DNS, wherever it's hosted, and add an A record for your mc subdomain.  Point it to any IP address you want.

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    So you don't want to delegate a sub-domain, you just want a hostname (FQDN) to be updated via dynamic dns?

    To be clear, if you were to delegate a subdomain, that server would serve addresses like  A hostname is just an A record for host mc in the zone.

    If ipage does not offer dynamic dns services, you'll have to move your dns zone (or delegate a subdomain) to someone who does.  Another shout out to hurricane.  Take a look at that.

    ETA: I could have sworn I had previously given a link to HE. Here it is:

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    ^ exactly there is a huge difference between pointing the fqdn to your public IP, and pointing to a delegated NS for the subdomain

    Do you have other hosts other than mc you want to point to different or the same IP?  Do you have as derelict pointed out have other hosts in the domain you want to resolve like,

    Where your dns for hosted now, dns service like dnsmadeasy, dyndns, your registrar?  So NSes you own?

    I show          3600    IN      NS          3600    IN      NS

    I show the them owned by
    OrgName:        The Endurance International Group, Inc.

    So they own bluehost, hostgator, etc.

    I currently so your pointing here with a TTL of 3600 seconds

    ;; ANSWER SECTION:        3600    IN      A

    Seems kind of long ttl for a "dynamic" dns that could change - since if it does you can be offline for an hour..

  • As I said a am very new to networking and its all a learning project.  the main thing I want to do right now it make it so no matter what my ip changes to it points to my server's ip. I dont know how I would be able to do this. I cant get a static ip from my isp so thats out of the window so what other options do i have?

  • Get an account with some dynamic DNS guys, like dyndns or others.  Pfsense will support that without much work at all.

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    I cant get a static ip from my isp so thats out of the window so what other options do i have?

    Dynamic DNS will work fine.  Easiest is if your existing DNS provider/registrar (ipage) supports it.  If not, I'm a fan of (again) And when you get bored figuring out IPv4 you will have everything you need to turn up IPv6.

    I don't know of any others that will let you dynamically update your own zone without paying.  I'm sure there are some others, and dyn is only like $25/yr or something.

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    "what my ip changes to it points to my server's ip."

    Who says its going to change?  If your router is on 24/7 it shouldn't change.. I have had the same IP for like 2 years..  Unless your on one of those crap isp that forces changes if your box is on, it should just continue to renew your ip over and over and over again.

    So is that currently your ip?

    ;; ANSWER SECTION:        3600    IN      A

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