A few updater issues in 2.2

  • Argh, 3rd time I typed this and it got wiped out! So this time it's short, as it's late here!
    Overall 2.2 looks very good, a few issues arose in the update process though.

    1. Unbound config is migrated incorrectly, causing syntax errors and failure of onboard resolver services after reboot, when it needs them to reload packages. The issues aren't complex, they relate to semicolon + newline handling, and duplicate entries, but they stopped the service starting and flooded SYSLOG after reboot:

    2. Updater doesn't detect or trap some errors. Specifically, some packages failed to auto-reinstall after the reboot, and some reported failure in syslog (and sometimes both failure and success!). I had to manually compare packages before and after and reinstall missing packages once Unbound worked.  The issues seems to be that the updater/installer isn't trapping and handling cases where a needed download didn't happen, or the resolver for whatever reason couldn't resolve. As most updates involve package reinstall, and most package reinstalls involve repo downloads, most updates will require working net access and resolution.

    3. As part of most upgrades, options may change, or new features and options may be added. There's a problem that the update process modifies the router config (eg to include automatically selected/changed settings or settings to be used by default on the new version, and then it reboots and immediately with no pause goes online as part of that upgrade to complete upgrading itself using those new automatically selected settings. Unlike install-time, the user therefore has no possibility to review the settings that will be active, at any point before the router goes online again and uses them. (This differs from install where the user can choose when the router should go online. During automated updates, online access is needed for updating, and most devices are left online throughout).

    Hope these help :) And thank you - none were hard to fix and 2.2 is looking really good!

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