• Ok Im going to try and explain my setup easily

    • Our ISP has provided us with a modem setup as passthrough.

    • behind that, I have my pfsense box.

    • We have 5 static ip's. xxx.xxx.xxx.146-150

    • pfsense is .146

    • i set the rest up as a virtual ip

    • i made a 1:1 nat with .148 for my email server

    • opened the needed ports and .148 works from outside my network with my web server

    • Now im trying to use .147 as my we server. created the 1:1. opened port 80. and i cannot access it from outside.

    • wehn i do a port scan for 80, it says its closed.

    • i did a port scan for my email server (.148) with port 143 (imap) and its open.

    • i cannot get port 80 to open

    if all else fails, i will even allow some access to one of my servers to take a look at it.
    i have even asked my isp if they are blocking 80, but they say that they do not with business accounts.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    so your gateway is .145 what mask did you put on the vips?

    You sure its not just your server firewalling?  What are you running for your webserver?  Is it linux or windows based?  I don't understand why people do 1:1 why not just forward the ports you want?

    If was me I would create all the vips, and then setup rule on wan to allow ping.  And validate they all ping.  Then move on to what ports on what IP you want to forward to your inside boxes.