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  • Hello, I have Pfblocker that I set with several ip's lists. The blocking works great, but when I go to Diagnostics -> Tables and chose the blocking table it appears a blank page. Can it be because I have a lot or records? How can I check all the IP's listed?

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    If you hover over the rules in the Firewall Tab, do you get a popup showing the IPs?

  • Yes, and the Ip's on the list are getting blocked, I tested it, just a blank page when I select the table of the alias

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    I've never seen that issue before? Could it be a browser issue? Did you try a Hard Refresh (Ctrl-F5)

    Maybe try from a different browser?

  • Check to see if the Firewall Maximum Tables is more than 3000 by going to System > Advanced, then go to Firewall/NAT, and scroll down to get to the Firewall Maximum Tables.  If it's blank, type in 999999 or more and save the changes.

    However, prior to doing that, make sure you disable pfBlocker, otherwise it won't show anything.  When that's done, re-enable pfBlocker.

  • I have it on "10000000" =/

  • This is a weird problem.

    I looked at "diag_tables.php" and the problem is on the code block"

    			 <a onclick="del_entry(&quot;<?=htmlspecialchars($entry)?>&quot;);">![](/themes/<?=$g['theme'];?>/images/icons/icon_x.gif)</a> 

    If I remove it it works ok. But I cant seem to understand way. Because in other alias it works ok.

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