How flush squid cache

  • Hi

    This may be a dumb question but it is because I am new to Linux and have just been given responsibility for a pfSense box.
    Is there an easy way to flush the cache in squid?
    We am behind several firewalls, all with caches, and I am trying to workout which cache is preventing us from downloading new versions of webpages


  • First of all, this is not linux but freebsd.

    Now to your original question: Are you running the squid package on your pfSense? Unless you haven't manually added and configured it there is no squid on pfSense by default. If you have installed squid just disable it via the settingspage for depugging purpose to see if it is causing your issues.

  • Thanks for the reply. As you can tell, I am very new to pfsense - didn't even realise it wasn't linux.  I appreciate all the help I get and hope that I can get up to speed soon and not bother everyone with similar dumb questions.

  • Hi

    Sorry to be a pain but as a dumb newbie I still have problems.

    We are running pfSense version 1.01 (not confident enough yet to update!)

    With regard to the last reply, we are running the Squid package (installed by a previous technie who is no longer available). I looked on the WebGui for the setting you mentioned "disable it via the settingspage for depugging purpose to see if it is causing your issues" and cannot find the setting page you refer to or else I am looking at it and not seeing it.

    Would you be kind enough to give me step-by-step instructions as to how to do this?

    John Leyshon

  • Just don't configure the browser to use Squid (having ensured that you're not blocking outbound access to 80/TCP).  Assuming of course it's not configured as a transparent proxy.

  • Hi

    More help needed with flushing the cache

    I have finally learned how to log-on to our firewall and navigate to the cache directory at /var/squid/cache.

    In that directory there is a file called swap.state and 15 directories (00 to 0F)

    Each of these 15 directories has sub-directories named from 00 to FF

    In each of these sub-directories there are files with numerical names.

    Now my question! What can I safely delete? Can I delete all the directories? What about the file swap.state? Do I delete that too? Or replace it with an empty file? or what?

    Hoping someone can help

  • You know, you could just look at the squid logs to answer your original question  ::)