Virtual IPs, Packages and so on

  • Hello!
    I just wanted to report some issues I've encountered today after updating a copy of 2.1.5 to 2.2.BETA today:

    Virtual IPs: If you copy an IP including the prefix into the text field, the prefix dropdown value would be appended, resulting in e.g. "2001:0DB8šŸ””ef00/64/64".
    I'd advise to let the webif check the correct format of the input field data in this case.

    Further oberservations - packages:

    • freeradius is missing it's rc.d script. We'll it's there in /pbi/[freeradius-dir]/etc/rc.d, but it's expected in /pbi/[freeradius-dir]/local/etc/rc.d.

    • if the wan device openvpn is running on get's altered (ipv6 settings), the process may still run, but services show it as stopped service. If you start it, the port is "already in use".

    • when running within kvm on linux, the freebsd kernel complains about missing x87 or sse, if CPU settings have been "cloned from machine" If you remove the cpu-lines from libvirtds xml config for that machine, all is working again. Seems to be a kvm bug, nevertheless you won't expect thatā€¦

    The templates are now almost perfect in design. ("Gold" and "Help" [Menu] are now in the right place, the dashboard is no longer oversized, but "Status/Interfaces" still is; "Interfaces/assign": I just love this available dropdown at the bottom. Good work!


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