Reverse proxy help please

  • I have pfsense running with one public IP address, nattting to a private address range. I have multiple web servers and want them accessable through seperate sub domains all through port 80 on the same IP. EG:

    server 1 -
    server 2 -
    Both port 80

    I have the cnames set up for the sub domains to link back to the one public IP address. I have configured squid3 reverse proxy but the squid proxy server service wont start from the GUI. I cant for the life of me work out why its not working. Any help appreciated

  • Anything in your System log?

  • Service seems to have started now but still no joy. Nothing showing in system logs. Could someone check these screenshots for me and advise if it is set up correctly? Am I missing a step here? Cheers.

  • I wish I could help more but I've never configured a reverse proxy.

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