Add more space to devfs

  • Hi,

    how can i add more space to devfs or. setup 80GB disk to recomendet size?

    Now i have this on 80Gb sata disk:

    Type  Percent Capacity  Free  Used  Size
    Physical Memory   8% 2.63 GB 232.56 MB 2.86 GB

    • Kernel + applications   3%   79.09 MB
    • Buffers   5%   153.47 MB
    • Cached   0%   0.00 KB
      Disk Swap   0% 8.00 GB 0.00 KB 8.00 GB
      Mounted Filesystems
      Mount Type Partition Percent Capacity Free Used Size
      / /dev/ad4s1a 0% (4%) 59.07 GB 216.08 MB 64.43 GB
      /var/run /dev/md0 2% 1.51 MB 28.00 KB 1.67 MB
      /dev devfs 100% (100%) 0.00 KB 1.00 KB 1.00 KB
      /var/dhcpd/dev devfs 100% (100%) 0.00 KB 1.00 KB 1.00 KB
      Totals :  0% 59.07 GB 216.11 MB 64.44 GB

  • Why do you want to add more space to devfs are you seeing any error or just guessing you need more?

  • and how can i add this. I am noob :)

  • devfs is a virtual file system.  You can't add more space to it - it will always take as much space as is required.

    Generally, anything that doesn't have a path starting with /dev as the second field of the fstab or output of "mount" is a special file system.

    Oh, and general good principle to operate by - if it isn't broken, don't fix it (also known as, if you don't have a problem, don't go looking to create one unless you know what you're doing).

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