Wan and Lan connections

  • Im looking at installing a captive portal for a client.

    I have the interface set for for wan and I can log in fine to the system at 1st.

    When I add the lan interface and add the static IP, I click apply and the system becomes unresponsive on the web interface.

    On the console it all looks ok.

    I cant see the web interface from the wan side or lan side or ping. Even after a restart its still the same.

    Any Ideas?



  • Netgate Administrator

    If you configure pfSense with only one interface, WAN, it will allow administrative access on that interface via a default firewall rule. If you add a second interface, LAN, access to the web gui switches to that and the firewall rule on WAN is removed. If you need to access it via the WAN add a firewall rule to the WAN allowing it before adding the LAN interface.
    I'm unsure why you couldn't connect on LAN. If you add both WAN and LAN interfaces at the initial setup in the console dhcp is enabled by default. You can still do that from the console menu at any time using option 2, 'set interface ip addresses'.


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