PortForward NAT 1:1

  • Helo, I have a little problem.
    Last pfsens 2.1.5, with pptp, openvpn, proxy, everything is working, but I cannot resolv 1:1 nat and port forwarding
    wan IP ( ____Lan IP with gw

    lan with gw

    I can ping from, and from wan like source
    Portforward and nat1:1 is working only  if I'm changing gw of to

    But i want to keek gw for both servers to and portforward and nat1:1 is not working.
    Help,please, any ideea?

  • I'm sorry but your description is a little confusing.  What is at  Usually for your LAN devices, their gateway would be the pfSense LAN address of  If you want NAT to work via your router then you're going to have to configure that device, whatever it is.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding something.

  • is main router, Cisco, router concentrator for 30VPN MPLS locations, is maintained by provider.

  • I believe that you must configure the Cisco to do your port forward if it's going to be the gateway.

  • My Cisco is only for internal routes, and static route to internet, has no internet connection!

  • Do you have NAT Reflection enabled?

  • Enable NAT Reflection for 1:1 NAT  –  enable/checked
    Enable automatic outbound NAT for Reflection    --  enable/checked

    My main problem is portforwarding, NAT 1:1 is a second problem.

  • How are you validating your port forward?  From pfSense WAN side or from Cisco LAN side?  Does the Cisco know about the pfSense box and routes its Internet traffic through it?

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