New Hardware from PFSense - Soon?

  • Hi

    From reading the forums, it seems like pfsense will be releasing some new hardware. I am looking to buy a new firewall (with GOLD) so want to make sure I get the latest/greatest and the right product for my network.

    Currently have 500Mbps/500Mbps and will be upgrading to 1Gbps/1Gbps.  Small network, but gets heavily used. low latency is a priority

    Really not keeping up with which is the right specs etc (C2358 RCC-VE, AES-NI, i350 .vs 82574L ???) But I want it small, prefer NUC sized/no fan etc, premium Intel NIC's, support for AES-NI.

    I dont want to build anything, just want to buy complete and supported. ok to wait, so just want to know the right product and roughly when?

    Thanks for your response.


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