Missing DHCPv6 Release/Renew Button

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    I've been using the HE Tunnelbroker for my IPv6 at the office for over a year now. Well, my cable modem decided to flake out this morning, and after waiting for Comcast almost all day, I ended up with a new modem, complete with native IPv6 support. Naturally, since it's Saturday, and the phones are not ringing off the wall, I got right to work trying to implement Native IPv6.

    Now a bit about my environment. My PFSense box is downstream of the Comcast modem, with 3 physical interfaces and several VLANs. On the IPv4 side, I have a /29 and would like to be able subnet my IPv6 address space. Right now, I have a /48 from HE.

    I found several forum post on requesting a /60 from Comcast, so first disabled (then eventually removed) all references to the HE tunnel (IF, GIF Tunnel, Gateway, IPv6 config on internal interfaces, etc.). Then i attempted to get Comcast to issue me a /60. The best I could ever do was a /64, and that's where I got stuck.

    All of the articles I read tell me to release and renew the IPv6 address on the WAN interface to get a /60. However, there is no button to do so. (Is this a bug? Maybe because the IPv4 address in the WAN is static with 5 VIPs?) I tried to figure out how to release the IPv6 address from the command line, but I'm at a loss. I'm trying to do this without disrupting IPv4 connectivity if possible, so I did not reboot the PFSense box, so if that's the magic bullet, Ill have to try again in the middle of the night to avoid interrupting other users.

    I want to take another stab at this, but I need to know how I can release/renew my DHCPv6 address without taking down IPv4 on my WAN. Enabling the Release/Renew button would be ideal, but I would settle for the command line syntax to release/renew the DHCPv6 address from the command line.

    If the answer is to upgrade to 2.2, I'm willing to try that as well. I'm not in a terrible hurry for this, as the HE tunnel is working fine.

    One last note:
    When I restored my previous config from history, certain things (one of my IPSec Tunnels, DCHP server on one of the interfaces) did not work until I went through every interface that had IPv6 enabled and clicked save an apply. My (possibly incorrect) expectation would be that restoring the config would have applied those settings as well, but it was not that difficult to get back where I wanted to be.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have,

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