ALIX 2c1 running pfSense latest snapshot (

  • Hi,

    I have an ALIX 2c1 and am trying to get pfSense up and running so I can run OLSR and connect to a Freifunk mesh.

    I have had some success, but still have some issues.  Maybe someone has some ideas or could point me in the right direction.

    I am running the latest embeded pfSense from the snapshot as of a few days ago.

    I am able to install and connect to pfSense from the LAN interface.

    It sees my wireless card and can see the Freifunk OLSR mesh.  I can ping nodes on the mesh that do not require routing.  If I look at the OLSR deamon config page, it sees the topology and routes.

    The problem is that the routing tables are not getting updated.  Even the default route on the WAN interface never gets updated.  I can configure a default route from the command shell (route add default x.x.x.x) and then I can get to the internet.

    I have attached a boot up log.  There are a lot of

    route: writing to routing socket: No such process

    messages, which I guess could be part of the problem.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


    David Placko
    Springfield, Oregon

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