[Haproxy-devel] GZIP-Compression?

  • Hi there,

    just wondering wether you can use gzip-compression bound to the frontend (the communication between End User –> HAproxy (which redistributes to 3 webservers). I tried to pass through

    "compression algo gzip
    compression type text/html text/plain text/javascript application/javascript application/xml text/css application/json" (frontend advanced pass thru)

    but i could not establish a single compressed connection.

    Does HAProxy-Devel support gzip at all? Or does ist have to be compiled against gzip or something? If so - how can I accomplish it?

    Thank you very much =)

  • haproxy-devel is compiled with zlib 1.2.3
    you can check by running "haproxy -vv" on a ssh/console shell.

    adding this to a stats page shows that its compressed when requesting it from firefox..

    compression algo gzip
    compression type text/html text/plain

    you are using frontend type 'http' ?

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