Mutlihoming setup

  • Hi all,

    First off, routing protocols isn't anything I'm particularly good at, we're using a consultant for that. However, the firewall setup has landed on my table. I've been using PF on OpenBSD in my younger days, but never pfSense and Carp/PFsync and that stuff (I think) I need for this setup.

    We have about 6 /24 PI networks and our own AS number, the plan is to announce this ourselfs to our two ISPs. And for this I have four Dell Poweredge 1950, with 4 NICs each.

    I was thinking something like this:

    Router1 och Router2 will be running FreeBSD and OpenBGPD. The Firewalls will be running pfSense and speak OSPF with the Routers. One of our /24 networks will be divided up and used for the internal routing between the Routers and Firewalls.

    Failover like this:

    • If any ISP dies, traffic is automatically routed through the other ISP.
    • If any Router dies, traffic is automatically routed through the other Router (and the other ISP as well).
    • If any firewall dies, CARP is used the switch firewall.

    I guess my questions are these:

    • For starters, does anyone spot anything wrong with this setup?
    • Because we have different subnets, the Firewalls will need their internal NICs devided into different VLAN interfaces. Is this going to be a problem for the CARP setup?
    • Will pfSense run any OSPF deamon (say OpenOSPFD for instance)?
    • In this setup each Firewall has 2 WAN interfaces, but the OSPF deamon will decide which interface will be used (right?). Does this pose any problem for rules setup? Can i specify one rule in pfSense to cover both WAN interfaces, or do i need duplicate rules?

    I appreciate any help, thank you!


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