Anybody want to help me setup my pfsense? :P

  • I am asking you to help me with a pretty big thing, atleast i think it is because i can't figure it out.

    My setup:
    2 Zyxel NWA3160-N
    ESXi with pfsense + 2 physical nics
    1 Juniper Networks router (not accessible)

    My goal: 2 networks using VLAN where i have a main network and a guest network with the difference that the guest network will have a speed cap via pfsense

    What i'm thinking is possible (But i ain't sure so please don't hang me up on this):
    2 SSID's on my AP's with different VLAN id's (lets say id 10 for main and id 20 for guest), and then configure pfsense with dhcp server for both vlans and a speed cap on vlan id 20 - Is that possible? :P

    So does anyone want to help me with this? I understand if you won't :)

  • looks easy enough.

    just setup a VM with both nics in place. (use a 1 for WAN, the other for the vlan trunk to managed switch)
    be sure to setup your virtual networking correctly, to allow the use of ALL vlans (4095=allow ALL vlans in esxi)

    install the pfsense with the wan / lan / vlans / …
    add all the firewall rules etc etc, put a limiter on the guest vlan

    If you want more info, just ask
    If you want someone to do this for you  ---> check out the "bounty" section of the forum or get a commercial support contract by ESF

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