Alix2c3 COM output doesnt work…

  • hello

    i just bought an alix2c3 board, i try to connect using windows terminal, teraterm, putty but nothing shows (settings 38,400, 8 bit, Parity: None, Stop: 1 bit, Flow control: None)

    first, i used a USB to RS-232 adapter (prolific chipset) then i used an old computer with COM1/COM2 but i still cant see anything in terminal etc…

    when i plug the DC adapter i can see 3 green leds, then only 1
    also, all 3 ethernet ports shows a  green led

    is my board defective?


  • Most likely not - have you tried a null-modem cable?

    I use a USB to Serial adaptor on my laptop to "talk" to Alix boards all the time but have a Cisco serial cable between the adaptor and the Alix serial port - it is a null modem cable.


  • hum
    i'm using a DB9 Female-Female Mini Gender Changer

    could it be the problem?

  • If you take a look at the ALIX documentation, you'll see on page 9:

    Connect serial port to a PC through null modem cable (RXD / TXD crossed over).

    The USB to serial adaptor is just a "normal" com port.
    As long as the gender changes is not designed as null modem it wont work.

  • you were right, i was not using the correct cable
    problem fixed, thx :)

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