Lan connection fails to activate when connecting to pfsense server

  • Basically, have a 1 LAN, 2 WAN setup on a pfsesne machine. Up until now everything has been fine running directly connected to the LAN port from my laptop via a little switch. Just tried connecting a second laptop, and the lan card on that laptop wont activate…it's not obtaining an ip and still says disconnected. I know the card is working as have tested with something else. I know the cable and the switch are also working. Have tried plugging direct to the lan port on the pfsenese side...i thought bizarrely maybe it was a power issue, but no change.

    Very strange, never seen anything like this. I assumed if pfsense was blocking it, it would at least say connected, just obtain a wrong ip as it would be rejected by the dhcp, but it's not getting that far. Any suggestions appreciated!

  • With no switch between the pfSense and the client you need a crossover network cable (unless your client's nic does automdx, some newer ones do).

  • yeah i realised that just now, and this is def an older lan card, and i didn't use a cross over cable. however it still doesn't explain why it wont work through the switch, i tried the same port that the other laptop works fine through.

  • damn it, just tried my another machine and it works fine. seems like some incompatibility between an older card and the card or switch on the pfsense box.

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