Loadbalancer Randomly fails.

  • I just created a load balancer using pfsense, and everything seemed like it was working, however I have a very odd problem that is created now.

    The LB works for about an hour then all out going connections are completely dropped for about 20m and then it starts working again. This keeps on happening over and over again.

    All the log files are useless and don't even mention of anything events during this time. I can still connect to pfsense and it says all the connections are online still. Whats even odder is that connections that are alive before the switch stay connected. Just new connections are dropped. During this down time, traceroutes are useless as I can only ping the router, but nothing else. Not even the ISPs gateways. None of the ISPs share a gateway at all as well.

    If I set the gateway for the lan as anything but the LB pool, it will stay working

    A poor network diagram is

    verizon DSL      =>
    SpeakEasy DSL => pfSense => linksys (w/ dd-wrt for VPN, as pfSense can't do that with LB yet) => Our Office Network
    SpeakEasy T1  =>

  • What exactly do you need the linksys for? You can setup static ipsec vpns at every interface.

    What do you need as monitoring IPs for the links? The gateways? Maybe try something more far away. I have seen ISP issues that have been several hops away already so the first few hops were just fine but it dies somewhere in the ISPs network.

  • Hi

    I do have a similar problem in my office network. I'm using two WAN connections on is a little poor ADSL(2Mb) & a 256k Leased line to LB. Mine was working very well but recently it started failing for a 10-20 minutes very often. Most of the time both Internet connections goes down but and come up soon(please see traffic graphs attached). The connections are stable and when I checked with ISPs though Traffic graphs shows very less values.

    Kindly Help me on this! Coz I don't want to loose pfsense, I have spent months on this to tested and implement.

    Thanks in advanced


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