Which port for pfSense

  • Hello
    I have a Proxmox installation and would like to use
    pfSense as NAT for Multiple Container, Multiple Domain and Subdomain, but only a Public IP (from the Router)
    Setting up I am confused because of the Port to use

    have a nice day

  • Hello,

    I'm not familiar with your actual setup of kvm and promox but i'm sure pfsense will be easy to fit in there.

    I don't understand what's not working exactly, specially when you talk about the public ip given by a router?  a router usually provide only a private ip, or a DMZ environnement that will make the workstation (PfSense in our case) think that he's outside the private network.

    I would need more details of your step by step procedure to understand at what point you'r stuck.


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