Setup as router - Connections keep getting dropped…

  • Hey Guys/girls,

    I've got 2 PF sense boxen setup.  One as a gateway, to a core network, the other as a router (With nat/firewall turned off, as per -,8017.0.html) to route traffic between the core network and two other networks.

    The gateway works great…however I'm having a wierd issues with the router.  It keeps connection fine, if I ping though it, it never drops a packet.  But open connections, such as Copying Files (SMB, not HTML), RDP etc, keep dropping and timing out.  I can do everything internet related though it fine, I can start the RDP conncetion...but then it will keep getting droped every 30 seconds or so.

    Any ideas?


  • network diagram, with ip adresses might help

  • You might try pinging with various sized packets to verify your MTU's are sane.

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