Rrd / apinger low ping times

  • any odd this will get looked at some more before the release happens ??

  • i've had this too. it will either be something unrealistically low (<20ms) when it decides to attempt to work or just gets stuck on pending indefinitely

    someone really needs to take a look at apinger, it has some issues. if i can provide any specific logs to help fix this huge problem i will be more than glad to.

    i've been keeping updated

    general config info:
    2 wan connections, one lan connection going out to a switch, both wan connections are PPPoE (if that's of any relevance) over adsl.
    have tried pinging multiple things (upstream gateway, level3, google dns) and no change when i can readily initiate and endless ping from console and it works fine.
    both of the aforementioned wan connections are in a gateway group for load balancing (due to pppoe and the fact that there's no support for mlppp in the local co).

    if i can give any more info to replicate the setup i can. i would really like to see this working right rather than using the always up thing which makes it such that if one line goes down everything grinds to a halt because router thinks it's up and tries to send info over it

  • all i know is this is annoying at best messes with quality graphs making troubleshooting actual problems harder never had this happen in 2.1.5 . I wonder if theres something with free bsd 10.1 apinger doesnt like

  • agreed. i was busy working on troubleshooting an issue before it broke (was on 2.1.5, upgraded in hopes it would be working) and the rrd quality graphs were really useful to me (was and still am dealing with a really bad case of late afternoon-midnight congestion issue, but that's a looooooong topic for another thread).

    i don't think it's entirely freebsd 10.1 causing it, 2.1.5 had issues as well (and if i recall every version of pfsense after 2.0.9 has had some issue with apinger, even release versions).

  • the wan failure monitoring system needs work in my humble opinion , had an old xincom which was like syswan which had 3 methods of detection also more granular settings to load balancing  have not studied what or how else is currently on the market about to though. thought ermal made mention of replacing apinger in a post some where

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