Checkpoint VPN clients -> pfsense->Sever, vpn client disconnects

  • I have several people sharing office space with me that have continual disconnections of their vpn clients when using pfsense. The internet connection is fine and I get good ping times to the vpn server/concentrator (c. 14ms) so its not a timeout issue on the vpn client.

    We have tried different profiles on the vpn client (General - UDP ?, Visitor - https ?) and there seem to be definite problems with using the General profile, not so many with Vistor

    Dont know alot about this stuff, can anyone tell me what I should be doing to give these people a robust connection ?


  • I think you mean Ipsec VPN? Which Version of pfsense is it?

  • correct 1.2 Final. All other outbound is fine, just have connection & timeout issues with vpn connections to external servers from client machines on the LAN.

  • Which other ipsec-endpoint is it? Cisco Concentrator?

  • yes it is a cisco concentrator

  • maybe DPD problems, i have made in the past various tests with pfsense and cisco concentrators and it runs for while and then it stops. What i saw is, that cisco conc. and pfsense have DPD problems, but this test was a long time ago. Maybe the other folks here have established a pfsense release with a cisco conc.

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