Lan IP forced to one connection

  • I am new to the forum but the post have been very helpful in setting up my box. I currently have it setup as a dual wan config with load balancing. I have a cble connection and then a dsl connection that i use to load balance and for failover. My question is can I make one of my internal lan ip addresses use a certain wan connection. I want from my internal lan only to use the OPT1 connection from my load balance. This connection needs to connect to an outside server that is expecting to see the ip address of my opt1 connection. I have tried to search for this in the forum but I cant seem to find it or I am not typing the question in correctly.

    Thanks in advance

  • keyword: policy routing
    Create a rule at the top of LAN with "source" your IP and "gateway" the interface you want the taffic originating from.

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